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The wirlki is a unique throwstick, prized by collectors for its exotic beauty. The hook on the back, known by the Warlpiri as "langa" or "ear," provides an excellent weapon when made from a tough material such as black polycarbonate, as we are using. It's a powerful choice as a close quarters fighting weapon, with trapping characteristics similar to a tomahawk. Most examples tend to whistle slightly in flight. A very beautiful piece of pre-historic aeronautical engineering to watch in action!

The wirlki delivers a uniquely powerful blow for its weight. Its flat, nose forward flights deliver deep penetrating blows. The added weight in the head and half fluted grip seems to provide an increased feel that enhances accuracy for many throwers. It is less forgiving of weak throwers than the central desert designs because it likes to be thrown hard to maintain lift. This model is particularly useful to take into the forest to use as a hiking tool, to silently make one's way through thick brush. It acts as an extention of the arm and clears spider webs, branches, etc.., so the traveler can safely pass through. This one is expensive to produce and our prices reflect that cost, but for the right application this is a beautiful and awesome choice. One of our favorites!

THE WIRLKI (Single Color)