Inspired by a unique S.Western 1870's rabbit stick in the Gary Broadbent collection which featured an interesting flat/angular airfoil. Gary generously gave me the privilege to handle, study and trace this rare and beautiful throwstick. I worked with the original design at first, but eventually decided to make a few changes including adding elements I had found in other historic American throwsticks and enlarging the stick somewhat. The final result is a beautiful chisel pointed style throwstick that has nice straight flights out to 65 meters / 70 yards and sometimes much more.

This design requires a good spin for best results, but due to it's lighter weight and good balance, this is easy to achieve. It is best for targets or hunts at 60 meters range or less.


Although it has a definite performance edge on the Kimberley Stinger, it should not be considered a long ranged hunting stick like some of its Australian design based cousins. Despite it's capacity for up to about 90 meters total distance, it doesn't retain full energy that far into the field. At short to mid ranges it is a lot of fun and performs very well.

A durable stick in rough environments and a great value for the beginning thrower, the short ranged hunter, or the budget minded survivalist.


    • Hand crafted from tough black polycarbonate
    • Approx. 647mm/25.5" x 340g/12.0oz
    • Potential rabbit hunting range out to approx. 60 meters for skilled throwers
    • Total range of approx. 65-90 meters / 70-98 yards (individual results may vary)
    • Grip sized smaller to accomodate a variety of throwers. Features a fast, snappy release.
    • Ideal for short to mid range small game survival hunting
    • Standard model is right handed (see our Whale's Tail Kylie for left handed throwers)