The Excel is Sun-Mar’s best selling unit in North America, and for good reason. It is a high capacity Bio-drum™ toilet that is simple to operate, features proven technology and is extremely reliable. The Excel was the first ever self-contained toilet to be certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). So, when you purchase an Excel, you are purchasing a composting toilet that sets the standard.

The Excel has enough capacity that it can be used just about anywhere; in residences, cottages and even in light commercial applications.



Like conventional toilets, all Sun-Mar products must be properly vented per the guidelines present in the unit’s owner’s manual.  

Vent Pipe 2″ Thin-wall PVC

1″ OD

Optional for seasonal/vacation use
Required for residential/heavy Use


High Capacity Toliet - Self Containing

  • Measurements are stated in pounds (lbs) and inches.

    Height: 33 1/4″
    Width: 22 1/2″
    Depth: 33″
    Weight: 60 lbs
    Shipping weight 85 lbs
    Shipping dimensions 28″ by 36″ by 36″