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Sleek and elegant, the GTG is Sun-Mar’s smallest and most economical toilet ever. As the pioneer and category leader in composting and separating toilets, with an unrivaled model line-up, the GTG further extends Sun-Mar’s innovation, leadership and bold designs. The GTG toilet sets up in minutes and its design, modern European styling and ultra-compact size make it a perfect solution for any place a toilet is needed.

Perfect for Homes, Tiny Homes, Cottages and Cabins, Boats, Farms, Warehouses, Garages, Barns, Stables, Mines, RV’s, Aircraft Hangars, Pools – the list is endless and the GTG can go anywhere it’s not possible or cost-effective to install a conventional toilet.

  • Sets up in minutes
  • Two chambers that separate solid and liquid waste
  • Designed to provide a low maintenance solution for any toilet requirement
  • For use where a conventional toilet is not an option or not cost effective
  • Elongated seat for extra comfort


12V dc fan 0.6W (110V, 240V)

GTG Composting Toliet

  • Height: 19.8″
    Width:  15.75″
    Depth: 24″
    Shipping weight: 
    25 lbs
    33 lbs
    Seat Height: 18″
    Capacity: Unlimited