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The Go 200 is a backpack sized system thats ready for solar charging. The system includes a wall charger. At 6 pounds and 200 Wh this system is ready to travel.


Humless Go 200
This rugged battery is built for the explorer, the student, the forever busy employee, and the on the go parent. The Go 200 is lightweight and easily fits into a backpack. Charge the battery from your home outlet or pair a portable solar panel for on the go charging.

Go 200

  • Battery - Lithium - 200 Wh

    Dimensions - 10" x 7.72" x 2.56"

    Weight - 6 pounds

    Cycles - 800

    Ports - 2USB out, Type C out, 129a ZC out, 12v DC out

    Wall Charge Time - 3.5 hours

    Cell Phone Charges - 15+

    Laptop Charges -  3+