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The Garden Composter 200/400 was built with durability in mind, and is manufactured to withstand harsh environments and consistent use. With Sun-Mar’s  Autoflow® technology, composting with the Garden Composter 200/400 is a fast, efficient process. Yard waste and kitchen scraps are easily loaded and rotated to maximize aeration. As material is composted, it can be removed automatically from the output door.


  • Built with UV stabilized, partially recycled poly-ethylene plastics, the dark green color of the Garden Composter 200/400 allows for optimal heat absorption, and to compliment your garden.
  • No waiting for batches of compost to complete – Sun-Mar’s Autoflow® technology provides continuous composting and allows compost to work through the unique double drum design.
  • The Garden Composter 200/400 loads and turns easily, is pest resistant with a large lockable sliding input door, and features multiple air and drainage ports for improved composting. 


Garden Composter